February 4th, 2011

Lost in Translation


Finally, a new episode tonight!!!!


Yes, I wanted an excuse to use this gif.

And just to prove this is the crackiest show on the planet. Check out the episode synopsis for 6:15

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Lost in Translation

SGA Art and Icon Pimp

I was hit with the random need to track down a piece of SGA artwork and after a bit of searching found it!

It's by ciderpress and I think this is a really cool Sheppard piece, it's from a Mensa AU verse, but I like to look at it of the duality of of John. Either way, it's really awesome.

This is a preview.

But you can go over “here” to see the full image.

She also has some of the coolest and creative icons. I love the level of detail in them, not just cropping and coloring, but just the bits of flare. Here are all 'her SGA icons tags'.