February 17th, 2011

Lost in Translation

Random Update

I haven't been really active online of late. Been processing some personal things and then I got sick this week. I didn't go to work today and slept in and lazed around on my sofa. I feel better. No more high fever and crazy coughing, but I've lost most of my voice...lol

On the downside, I'm going to use up precious vacation/personal hours when I have an upcoming vacation in March to visit my mom. On a further down note, I found out Ben Browder is going to be at Chicago Con in addition to Chris, Joe, David and Kavan and it depressed because I can't afford to go this year.

But let's look at the positive.

On an up note, my personal fiances have not only stabilized, but I actually have bit of spending money for once on a normal bases and that is a HUGE deal and something to celebrate!

Before I got sick, Eric and I splurged on a really amazing dinner last weekend complete with yummy salad, spicy potatoes, and the most succulent Fillet Mignon. Sigh. I want that again!

I spent today re-watching "Hawaii Five-O" from the beginning again and I have seriously fallen for the show. Thanks to my f-list's encouragement for sticking with it for some of those really teamy episodes in the later middle half.

I may have even *cough* written a H5O fic. Eeek!

On the original writing front there's been a great amount of progress in the research and I got my John and Ronon fic assignment last week and am musing over it.

And if anyone hasn't heard, Joe's new movie for Sy Fy is airing on April 9th :D

Supernatural and Justified are in full swing and I just ordered a pizza so I don't have to cook :D

Sorry for the rambling. How is everyone else?