February 25th, 2011


Writing Update

So, I’ve got 90 mins left at work and most of the senior staff have left to go home, leaving me upstairs trying to be good by working instead of going online.

I’m compromising.

Less than 6 hours before the greatest Supernatural episode ever! WEEE!

The writing front has been going well.

SGA fic:

I’m almost done with the rough draft of my last Help Pakistan story. While I did a lot of prep work for the story research wise, it’s been very organic in terms of writing it. I’ve had certain scenes in my head, but the rest have been dictated by John which has been amusing. Could explain why I’ve been writing in tiny 500 word bursts each night.

I have prompts from both the John and Ronon Thing a Thon and the SGA genficathon, so I’m mulling those over. One is due in April, the other in May.

H50 fic:

I don’t have so much in terms of concrete plots, but really vague concept ideas I’ve been mulling over. I have this itch like mad to write a Steve POV story using all of his mad SEAL ninja skills.

I also have this fuzzy idea for a team story since those seem really rare in the fandom.

Decisions, decisions.

I really love both shows and will be alternating with each because I think it keeps the actual writing process fresh and exciting.