February 26th, 2011

Lost in Translation

H50--Nitpicky Picky Steve Question

While I sit here doing mundane data processing I've been mulling over both the conclusion of my SGA story and the musings of a H5O fic. Yes, my brain is that crazy.

I've been reading Hawaii Five-O fic to get a sense of what's been explored and the one thing I keep running into some descriptions of Steve is as an 'ex-Navy SEAL.'

Is this correct? I know, I know, nitpicky. I'm just curious.

Steve transferred into the reserves when he took the governor's position as task force leader. That just makes him inactive, but isn't he Still a SEAL, just on inactive duty?

I know it's a tiny, tiny detail, but it keep pinging on my radar. In episode nine when Danny hadn't been sure how many people broke into Steve's house he refers to him as "A SEAL". Not former, not an ex-SEAL.

So, what is it? Is he a SEAL, former SEAL, or ex-SEAL.