July 31st, 2011

Lost in Translation

Writing Update!

What a whirlwind week. Not only did I have to recover from my trip to Vegas, but at work we had a 40th Anniversary party yesterday, and LJ has been fighting so many illnesses.


On the writing front, I wrote my 6th Hawaii Five-O story! Somehow I posted "Tread Softly" in the middle of the DOS attacks.

Today, I decided to rearrange my Master Fic List. Now when you click on the link, my writing is in order by fandom, than listed chronologically.

So, all my Hawaii-Five-O and SGA fic are grouped together for easy browsing. If you're new to my f-list feel free to check it out "here." My Master List is stickied at the top of my LJ and everything is tagged by fandom.

I've started my long story this weekend and boy, there's a lot of research to do. Thank goodness for fandom friends who've helped me out with some big picture ideas!

The summer sheppard_hc exchange should begin posting tomorrow! I kept the posting dates of the 1st through the 7th because LJ seems to be working fully at the moment. If it goes down again, I'll probably mess with the deadlines. I've got some last minute tweaks to do to my entry, but I'm pretty pleased how it's turned out.

Back to “The Big H50 fic”. Yes, that's the file name until the title comes to me...lol