January 16th, 2013

H Steve Dark

Back Into writing mode

I write on a daily bases. Short bursts, 200-500 words at a time during the work week, more on the weekend. I can't/don't pound out words - it is just not my style, although I envy those who do. Writing every day makes up for the fact that I consider myself a slow-ish author since I don't have those spurts where words pour out of me. I'm so picky about rhythm and flow. (As in trying to find it ) I'm constant a self-doubter, but that can be good sometimes.

I have no idea why I'm babbling.

I'm staring at my laptop, trying to get my head back into the 9k words I wrote before my vacation. I'm starting to 'feel things' again. \o/

My goal this year is to keep diversifying in the H50 fandom. Trying new things. Playing with slash, het, and gen with the next three stories.

But for now, back to the epic h/c fic. :)