April 1st, 2013

H S&D Mom


I thought I'd post a little bit of a writing update. It feels like it has been a while.

I hit 36k words om my h/c epic. I started the climax. \o/ One section down and another one to go. Followed by all the needed resolution. It'll be my longest story to date in the H50 fandom.

While I enjoy a long juicy fic, it can be such a long journey as a writer. My goal this summer is to tackle several medium-sized stories in the range of 5-10k words while running the gambit of gen, slash, and het. I like variety.

Even with all the shifting tides in social media, I still feel most comfortable on LJ. I've been here for many years, developed relationships, and really enjoy the exchange between readers and friends. I'll post my whole story here, even if it takes five parts, then on AO3 a couple days later – because I always finds little things to tweak even after a billion edits.

I hope everyone finds a bit of sunshine somewhere in their day.