April 28th, 2013

H Team

Top 10 AO3 Stories

I saw this is a few places and thought I'd play. Here are my top 10 stories by hits on A03. I think it's cool, considering most of my large stories were posted as a single chapter or did not have more than four sections.

5044 * Beneath the Trident ( Steve/Danny, R, 37k) : Steve and Danny go undercover to investigate the death of a SEAL before a sensitive joint Special Forces’ operation. With Steve as the SEALs' new team leader and Danny as the reporter assigned to shadow him, Danny finally gets to see the hidden depths of the real Lt. Commander McGarrett. (Takes place between 2.22 and 2.23)

2916 * Distant Shores (Steve/Danny, R, 23k) : WWII Pacific Theater based AU. Steve, Danny, and Chin as frogmen. --This is still one of my favorite stories.

2336 *Trust People and They Will Be True to You (Gen, Pg-13, 12k) : Steve goes full on Super SEAL to rescue the team and they end up helping him along the way. --One of my favorite action/adv fics.

1687 * No Way Out But Through (Steve/Danny, R, 40k) : Falling is never easy, nor is standing back up again. --Pretty cool for such a brand new story.

1540 * Flash (Steve/Danny, PG-13, 1.2k):Some days are hellish. Warning for symptoms of PTSD.

1413 * Out of the Depths (Gen, R, 26k) :Steve's team vowed to bring him home, but escaping North Korea was just the first step in the journey. Coda to 2x10.

1257 * When the Ocean Meets the Shore(Gen, R, 25k) :Some cases are personal. Others become an obsession. The death of a friend leads Steve and the team on a collision course with his past, the collateral damage endangering them all.

1208 * Against the Wall (Gen, R ,2.5k) :There's no plan. Adrenaline and anger dictate his actions. Danny reaches the door. The fact that it’s unlocked, that he's deemed not a threat, fuels his rage. --My favorite BAMF Danny fics.

1187 * Drownproofing (Gen, PG, 2.7k)
: This isn't the first time Steve's had a gun pointed at the back of his head and judging by the buoyancy of the speeding vessel, there's a twenty percent chance the shooter will miss. Pretty decent odds.

1081 * The Garden of Steven (Steve/Danny, PG, 2.5k): If Danny's a little baffled by Steve's notions of R&R, well, he just wasn't expecting this...