June 10th, 2013

H Steve Lr Gun

Odds and Ends

Apparently by June 7th I used up all my bandwidth on Photobucket? Seven days into the month? Um. Okay.

This is odd to me. I've hosted LJ communities where I've posted gifs and giant pic spams and never lost bandwidth, but I post a cat and an Alex being goofy gif and it's gone in a few days? I even have my PB account on private to prevent any problems. I guess the power of kitties and Alex might have resulted in over a 100 click-throughs?

I feel like I'm in full out geek mode. Hubby and I stayed up until 3am last night watching a marathon of The Big Bang Theory. I wanted to go to bed at 1, but after Mr.999 made a few jokes about me getting old, I indeed stayed up. Oi. Feeling it today.

Now hubby has all the E3 coverage on in the background.

Dealing with a lot of RL turmoil, so of course I'm avoiding thinking about it at all costs. This means I'm in full-on writing mode and I hit 9k on my current story, almost but not quite 50% into my rough draft. So, yay!

I'm also attempting to play with graphics with much failure, mostly due to the fact that I don't have the patience to learn Photoshop. I can see why most people are either writers are graphics artists, but few are both. I have all the pics collected that I want to use for my project, but I have no clue how to assemble them into one piece. I shall endeavor to learn. Maybe. One day.

For those are are fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise, here is a cool article about how the cast's ethic diversity has contributed to the film's success.