August 26th, 2013

Alex Tie


The new NIN CD has leaked and although I have it pre-ordered I might take a listen to it :)

The live festival shows look amazing. They'll end this weekend before the scrap the set-up for something different for the fall tour stateside. Can't wait for my October show.

I went to an art's festival this weekend. The weather was lovely and there was a variety of metal and glass work, paintings, sculptures, and photography. Plenty of modern pieces which I love. Once I find my USB adapter for my phone, I'll try to post some pics.

I hit 9k words on my crazy AU. It's going to be another lengthy one because I can't seem to write short things.

There is a new S4 Hawaii five-O promo out. I can't embed, but here is the link. Looks great!

Oh, have Steve in a suit. Editing pic below the cut.

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