October 11th, 2013

H Chin Kono Hugs

Thank you!

Life has been crazy the last ten days. There were multiple problems that needed to be fixed at work once I returned from vacation. I even received a Welcome Back card from some of the staff. One person mentioned a Zombie Apocalypse had occurred while I was gone. <3

Suffice to say I've been swamped and dealing with a whacky schedule that really messed with my ability to tell what day it was.

I did see Nine Inch Nails on Tuesday and it was an amazing night. \o/ After all these years, Trent and company still put on an amazing show filled with energy, emotion, and cutting edge technology when it comes to visuals. Happy sigh.

I also leave on Tuesday for a business trip to Austin, so my days are still pretty crazy.

But enough of that!

I had a nice birthday and I wanted to thank: martined,mcparrot, giusytriso, neevebrody, sheafrotherdon, saphirablue, bandbfan, and amycat8733 for all your birthday messages.

I read each and everyone one and they made my day!

Also, big thank you to kare, bluedelft, em_kellesvig esteefee for the virtual gifts to my profile page. They were so bright and tasty.