December 7th, 2013

H I will be death

Meme- #3 Post- Biggest Fandom Plothole

[Bad username: sheafrotherdon ] asked --What's the plot hole that most bugs you in any of your fandoms, and how would you fix it? :D
Where do I begin? I try not to allow plot-holes to bug me because I don’t think network writers care about detail and continuity as much as the fans even though it should be a prerequisite. I’m aware writers each pen only a handful of episodes during the course of a year, but don’t they don’t compare notes with each other? Hello, are there no show bibles?

Moving on to answering the actual question. I guess H50’s Wo Fat/Shelburne/Champ Box is the giant black-hole of doom that bugs me the most.

Because if you watch Season One with the emphasis on the Yakuza-- none of it makes any sense with Joe faking Doris’s death, and oh, Shelbunre is the code name for the person who killed Wo Fat's father.

H50 is not the first and won't be the last when it comes to making it up as they go along. It happens when you don't keep the same core writers over time and the networks constantly have their say. But what a mess.

As far as fixing it, I don't think I can, but maybe I could salvage parts of it. Because Seasons 2,3, and 4 seem to tie together as a group if you dump most of season 1's mythology

Doris is CIA. She meets Wo Fat's father and works for him as his handler or partner. At some point she runs into John McGarrett, falls in love, and quits The Agency to raise a family. Except you can't walk away from the spy business.

Wo Fat Senior finds out about Doris, threatens her children, and she kills him in self defense. This begins a domino effect. All of her enemies will soon discover know she's alive, thus putting her husband and kids at risk. It just so happens during the same time period that John McGarrett begins his investigation into police corruption and The Yakuza.

Doris sacrifices her dream life for her family, using John's investigation as a smoke screen. Joe fakes her death and she escapes to Asia. Except, she doesn’t sit in a shack drinking tea. The CIA offers her an opportunity to work as Wo Fat’s handler, the prodigal son now taking over in his father's footsteps.

She agrees to work with Wo Fat to keep an eye on him because Wo Fat only knows the spy name of his father's killer. Shelbourne. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Doris returns to the life she loves while keeping her family safe.

Wo Fat does not kill her in 3.01 because Doris had saved him countless times and he might want to have a conversation with the only person he's ever trusted for over fifteen years before he actually shoots her.

If she does return in Season Four, I'd write it because Steve and Mary are put in danger from her enemies and she comes out of hiding to protect them. Instead of the other way around.