December 17th, 2013

H Chin Kono Hugs

Meme- #5 Post- H50 Series Finale

[Bad username: simplyn2deep  ] asked me –As horrible to have to imagine, but say the show is ending and you've been asked to help with the series finale. From what we know of the show up until now, what would you like to see in the finale?

In order to satisfy the network, series finale and all, I'd go big. Five-O stumbles across a major terror plot involving a ship returning from it's six month mission at sea. There are car chases and butting heads with government agencies, and in the end, the team locate the bad guys first because that is what they do.

Out numbered and outgunned, they hold-off dozens of baddies. Kono finds a sweet spot on a communication tower, taking out terrorists while relaying the location and enemy movement.

Chin hot-wires a tank, Steve teaches Danny how to make a bazooka out of pipe and matches, and the three of them blow up a navy facility and save the day. Everyone is injured. The press hails them as heroes which saves them from a political shit storm for – yeah, destroying a million dollar facility. Yes, a million dollars, Steven.

Denning has to play politics while the team recovers together in the same wing of the hospital. Eventuality they get four connecting rooms even though technically, hospitals don't work that way.

In the big twist, we learn Wo Fat was somehow involved, forcing Doris to stop playing spy, turn over evidence on Wo Fat since she was, duh-duh-duh his handler for over twenty years. She does this as a way to make amends to Steve and actually hands over all her files to him, tells him the truth about everything then vows to do whatever it takes to make amends to him and Mary.

Denning breaks the news that after ten years of chaos and keeping the state safe, for the most part, he has to disband Five-O. Even good press can not make up for a million dollar loss. But because he's a sneaky bastard, he starts a new task force, a bigger and better one to carry on the legacy. With members from HPD, S.W.A.T and any other qualified applicants. But he's going to need someone to set it up and fill the positions, maybe even train the new members on Five-O's brand of crazy.

Eventually, Chin accepts a high-level position at IAD in charge of cleaning up police corruption. Kono starts a new career as a lead agent at the local division of Homeland Security. With Grace in high school, Danny prefers not to be shot at as often, so when he's offered Chief of Detectives – he takes it.

And Steve wears the uniform again by taking a teaching position at Pearl Harbor for the SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team.

But throughout the year, during really high profile cases, the Governor of Hawaii thinks his new task force could benefit from four insane consultants he's held on retainer. And every few months Steve, Danny, Kono, and Chin team-up to wreck havoc and blow things up in the name of inner agency cooperation.

It would make an outsider think they missed each other or something, which is funny, because Danny and Steve watch Sunday Night football together. And on Friday nights, Chin is known to drop by Kono's to chat about cases. And the four of them go watch Grace during her baseball games and attend her plays — and they bicker, always bicker during barbeques, poker night, and during any occasion, really.