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Fandom Updates

After headbutting AO3, I figured it was time for some positive things!

I finished my second story for Help Pakistan and sent it off to my wonderful beta. I'm really pleased how it turned out and it is another dip in the fandom pool. It is also a celebration of my muse finally getting out of her rut and coming out to play!

My dearest [Bad username: tielan  ], thank you for you patience.

The sign-ups for the fourth [Bad username: sga_genficathon ] are open! \o/

The signup period will be from now (Sunday, Feb. 6) until Saturday, Feb. 19. Assignments will go out a day or two later.

NEW THIS YEAR: We will also have artists providing art for this year's stories. Artist signups and story claiming will be in early May. If you are an artist, please watch the community for announcements. Signups will be announced in late April/early May.

All stories and art are due Saturday, June 11, 2011. Posting will begin on June 13th.

Stories will be posted anonymously by the mods (authors to be revealed at end of ficathon). This way everyone can play, including people who aren't on Livejournal. So please spread the word!

The Rules and more information on the schedule (for Authors and Artists) can be found Here

It's Monday!

It's time for my H5O fix!!



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